Triton 949257 Wetstone Sharpener 120W

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Supplied with:

  • support arm,
  • angle guide,
  • square edge jig
  • stone grader.

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Wetstone Sharpener

Triton 949257 Wetstone Sharpener 120W-230V

Slow pace whetstone sharpener with excessive grade diamond grindstone.
Water-cooled sluggish pace ensures the sting doesn’t overheat and lose sharpness.
Easy to form and sharpen a blade precisely to your wants.
Leather honing wheel with honing compound for a sophisticated, razor-sharp edge.
Induction motor for long-lasting, clean efficiency.

Product Specification:

  • Power: 120W
  • Height: 370mm
  • Length: 340mm
  • Width: 270mm
  • Wheel Speed: 125rpm
  • Compatible:
  • Sharpening Stone Size: 250 x 50mm
  • Honing Wheel Size: 230 x 30mm
  • Bore Diameter: 12mm
  • Total Shipping Weight: 16kg

From the producer

Supplied with:

  • assist arm,
  • angle information,
  • sq. edge jig
  • stone grader.

Product EAN 5024763078439

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Wetstone Sharpener


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A Guide to Power Tools Corded & Cordless

Power Tool Store


A Beginner's Guide to Power Tools

Thinking of shopping for an influence device as a present to your nearest and dearest? Or perhaps you need to make gentle work of DIY? This article is a newbie's information for these of you who do not know your cordless drill out of your elbow. It offers a fundamental rationalization of what every device is for, its capabilities, and recommendations on what to purchase.

Which Tool Is Right for the Job?

Basic Tools Covered Here

  • Corded Power Drill
  • Cordless Drill
  • Jigsaw
  • Circular Saw
  • Reciprocating Saw
  • Miter Saw
  • Sander
  • Angle Grinder
  • Metal Cutoff Saw
  • SDS Percussion Drill
  • Multi Tool
  • Laser

Corded Power Drill



What's it for:

A corded energy drill is used for drilling holes in steel, plastics, wooden, brick, stone, concrete, glass, and tiles. Various sorts and lengths of drill bits can be found relying on the fabric being drilled; HSS (High Speed Steel) bits for steel, flat bits for wooden, and masonry bits for concrete.

How it really works:

The bit is held in a clamping system on the tip of the drill shaft known as a chuck. Some drills include chucks that are keyless and may be hand-tightened, others are fitted with chucks which should be tightened with a chuck key. This permits the drill bit to be tightened extra securely and enormous bits are much less prone to slip, however keyless hand-tightening chucks are extra handy. Most DIY mannequin drills can have a half inch (13mm) chuck which may accommodate drills as much as this diameter, however 5/eight inch (16mm) chucks are additionally accessible. These drills vary in energy from about 500 to 800 watt. 650 to 700 watt offers satisfactory energy for many jobs.

If you want to drill holes in awkward spots, you may get a proper angled chuck adapter which inserts into the chuck of the drill. Alternatively versatile drives can be found.

Things to think about:

Drills might have a set velocity setting, 2 velocity settings, or variable velocity relying on how arduous you squeeze the set off. Variable velocity is most handy because it permits a drill gap to be began simpler with out the bit shifting far and wide. Also decrease speeds must be used with bigger diameter bits to keep away from overheating the bit as a consequence of friction.

Cordless Drill

What it is good for:

A cordless drill, like another cordless energy device, has the comfort of freedom from an influence twine. This means no cables to journey over or shifting extension leads round to supply slack within the twine. A cordless drill will also be utilized in awkward locations, up ladders and on roofs with out the inconvenience of the facility flex catching in all the pieces. Another benefit is cordless drill is healthier balanced and simpler to make use of with one hand, particularly for driving screws. Corded drills are typically top-heavy and tough to make use of with one hand.

How it really works:

Cordless drills normally have both a three/eight inch (10mm) or half inch (13mm) hand-tightening chuck. Combi drills have a hammer motion perform which facilitates drilling of holes in masonry. Cordless drills can be found with battery voltages from 10.eight to 36 volts. Higher voltage means extra energy and torque for drilling bigger diameter holes. However, the draw back of upper voltages is a heavier drill. 14.four or 18v is an effective compromise.

Cordless drills have numerous torque settings. This ensures that the chuck will slip when a preset twisting power or torque has been utilized to a screw, stopping the screw from being over-driven into timber.

Things to think about:

Just like some corded drills, cordless drills might have a high and low velocity setting. A gearbox units the velocity and selecting the decrease velocity setting ends in extra torque being accessible for drilling bigger diameter holes. If you want to use the drill for driving TEK screws (self-drilling screws for fastening steel cladding to steel or timber), purpose for a mannequin with a max torque of no less than 55 NM to deal with robust timber.

If you purchase a cordless drill, purchase one with two batteries to be able to have one battery on cost whereas utilizing the opposite. Batteries are fairly costly when purchased individually.

The capability of a cordless drill battery is measured in amp-hours or AH. Higher amp-hour capability batteries will give longer use between costs. Lithium ion rechargeable batteries have gotten extra widespread in cordless drills and this expertise would not endure from the reminiscence impact related to NiCd batteries. Also lithium batteries have a better vitality storage density than NiCd or NiMh. This ends in a lighter battery for a given capability. Another benefit of lithium batteries is that they maintain their cost for much longer, so a device is at all times prepared to be used.

The newest pattern in cordless tools is the usage of brushless motors. This supposedly ends in extra energy plus no want to switch brushes. Brushless tools are dearer, so it's possible you'll get a greater deal on a cordless drill with brushes which have considerably dropped in value.

What it is for:

The acronym SDS originates from the German steck, dreh, sitz, that means "insert, twist, matchand the system was developed by Bosch within the mid '70s.

How it really works:

An SDS drill and drill bit has a number of benefits. Firstly, eradicating and inserting the bit is simple. The shank of the bit is just pushed into the chuck and a spring loaded mechanism latches into slots within the shank, holding it in place. To take away the bit, a sleeve on the chuck is pulled again retracting the spring mechanism, and this permits the bit to be pulled out of the chuck. The second benefit is that the wedges which slide into the grooves within the shank forestall the bit from slipping and rotating within the chuck, which may occur with a standard chuck if it is not adequately tightened. Thirdly, since there is not a heavy chuck to speed up throughout influence drilling, this ensures that holes are drilled extra successfully for the reason that drill reaches a better velocity and has extra vitality. The percussion mechanism can also be pneumatically primarily based and this offers additional vitality for hammer drilling in masonry in comparison with a standard drill which simply makes use of a plate with ridges on it to generate the hammering impact.

Things to think about:

SDS drills may be set to rotation mode solely, for drilling supplies aside from masonry, or rotation and hammer mode for drilling masonry. On some fashions, the drill will also be set to hammer mode solely with out rotation, for gentle chiseling. These drills vary in energy from about 500 to 1500 watt however are normally geared to have comparatively low velocity and excessive torque. A mechanical or digital torque limiting system which permits the chuck to slide when the bit will get caught is usually (however not at all times) integrated. A typical state of affairs is that the bit will get caught on a chunk of rebar in a wall, and the facility drill tries to maintain going. This can wrench your arm (been there, performed that!) or power the drill out of your arms if it's not held securely. The torque limiting system is just like that on a cordless drill and permits the motor of the drill to show whereas the bit stays caught. Even so, because of this it may be harmful to make use of a drill when on a ladder as it's potential to be knocked off stability.

Conventional hand-tightening keyless chucks and keyed chucks can be found to be used with an SDS drill. These have an SDS shank in order that they are often pushed into the SDS chuck of the drill. This permits non-SDS standard drill bits for use.

What it is for:

Jigsaws can be utilized to chop wooden, steel, plastic, and different supplies. Different varieties of blades can be found to swimsuit the fabric being minimize. Since the blades utilized in a jigsaw are slim and slender, this permits curved profiles similar to circles to be minimize in sheet materials. Jigsaws are usually used for reducing timber as much as about 40 mm thick (approx. 1 half inch). Long blades can be utilized in a jigsaw and producers quote most reducing capability as much as four inches (this appears a bit overly optimistic!).

Things to think about:

Variable velocity on the set off is a helpful characteristic on a jigsaw when commencing or ending a minimize. Some saws have a separate velocity management, which is an actual ache! While a jigsaw offers fairly good outcomes with thinner timber, the end result may be variable if thicker stuff must be minimize. Because the blade can flex if the facet stress is placed on the saw, this may produce a minimize which isn't completely sq.. A round offers a significantly better minimize and is a quicker, extra correct answer for making lengthy, straight cuts in thick timber.

A jigsaw permits curved cuts to be made in timber

Circular Saw

What it is for:

A round saw is a excessive powered saw (1000 watt to 1800 watt) with a 7 1/four inch (184 mm) diameter blade or higher, capable of quickly minimize by means of timber as much as three half inches (90mm) in thickness, and is an important energy device for reducing sheets of timber. A round saw will give a extra "sq." minimize than a jigsaw as a result of the blade is extra inflexible. The giant enamel on the blade additionally make the reducing of boards a lot faster than with a jigsaw which is extra appropriate for brief cuts or curved cuts in thinner materials. An adjustable rip fence may be connected to the saw, and this acts as a information to permit boards to be trimmed to measurement. Blades which have a comparatively small variety of enamel give a quick however rougher minimize. Blades which have a higher variety of smaller enamel minimize slower, however end in a finer minimize.

Things to think about:

If you plan to make use of a round saw lots, it is price shopping for a professional deviceI purchased considered one of these as a alternative for a DIY mannequin. This is a wonderful machine with an influence ranking of 1700 watt and a reducing capability of two three/eight" or 60mm, and I extremely suggest it.

Reciprocating Saw

Metabo ASE 18 LTX Reciprocating Saw Cordless 18V

Metabo ASE 18 LTX Reciprocating Saw Cordless 18V

What it is for:

A reciprocating saw or rip saw is a useful gizmo for reducing timber, plastic and steel. The device is just like a jigsaw however normally increased powered and the blades are longer, as much as eight inches (200mm). The device can also be lengthy and slim and may be held with two arms to provide higher management. It is beneficial subsequently for reducing lengths of timber in situ and flush to surfaces, floorboards, plastic piping, steel bar, and for demolition work.

Things to think about:

When shopping for a saw, do not go for something lower than 800 watt because the machine will battle when reducing thicker sections of timber. Variable velocity can also be a helpful characteristic.

What it is for:

Sanders are used for smoothing down timber, eradicating paint, and sanding steel. There are two main sorts: belt sanders and orbital sanders.

  • Belt sander: This has a steady looped belt of sandpaper which is pushed by the motor. The belts are replaceable and accessible in numerous grit sizes, coarse for preliminary sanding and effective for ending. Belt sanders take away materials rapidly because the revolving belt tends to throw off sawdust and would not turn into clogged not like an orbital sander, nevertheless it's tough to sand right into a nook due to the curved rollers. The belt is often 2, three or four inches vast (50, 75 or 100mm).
  • Orbital sander: This makes use of sheets of sandpaper and the sheets are pushed in a form of round movement when the sander is utilized to the floor. The sheets are likely to clog greater than on an orbital sander. An orbital sander can sand proper into corners due to the oblong form of the only real plate. Various variations of those can be found together with palm sanders which can be utilized with one hand in tight spots due to the small measurement and form of the sandpaper used.
  • Sanding pad for angle grinder: A rubber backing pad and round sanding disks can be found as equipment for angle grinders. These are helpful for sanding profiled surfaces and in addition for stepping into spots which might be inaccessible to belt or orbital sanders.
Metabo KGS 18 LTX 216 Cordless Mitre Saw

What it is for:

A miter or chop saw is used for reducing lengths of timber as much as 9 x 2 inches. It is principally like a round saw however the blade has a bigger diameter, eight, 10, or 12 inches (200 or 250mm), and the reducing head/arm carrying the saw blade and motor is hinged on the again permitting the saw to be introduced down on to a size of wooden to chop it. This produces an correct sq. 90 diploma minimize, important for building. A fundamental sort miter saw is adjustable in order that miter (angled and fewer than 90) cuts may be made. Compound miter saws allow miter cuts, beveled cuts or a mixture of each to be made. A 10 inch sliding compound miter saw is a sensible funding for the intense DIYer. The slide motion permits lumber to be minimize (as much as 9 x 2). For sq. cuts on gentle timber similar to dado rail, image body, an eight inch non sliding miter saw is enough.

Things to think about:

Never use a blunt blade in a round saw or miter saw. Blunt blades can catch or snag in timber which may probably trigger an accident.

Angle Grinder

Metabo W18LTX 18V Angle Grinder 115m Li-ion 2 x 5.2ah Battery

Metabo W18LTX 18V Angle Grinder 115m Li-ion 2 x 5.2ah Battery

What it is for:

An angle or hand grinder is a useful device for reducing steel, plastic, roof sheeting, masonry (stone, bricks, concrete), and tiles. You may use it to grind these supplies. Both sheet materials and lengths may be minimize.

How it really works:

The device makes use of a disk spun at excessive RPM to carry out the reducing motion. For reducing steel, consumable disks created from abrasive materials are used. These can be found in sizes from four to 9 inches in diameter to swimsuit the precise grinder. In order to chop stone, concrete and tiles, both abrasive or diamond disks can be utilized. Diamond disks have an extended lifespan, however are dearer. Angle grinders can come in useful for reducing up stuff for disposal in your trash (like steel chairs and tables). Make positive you grind off the sharp edges.

Things to think about:

Several equipment can be found for angle grinders together with sanding pads and wire brushes which can be utilized for eradicating rust and paint.

Multi Tool

DREMEL Multi Tool F0138100JB

What it is for:

Generically known as "rotary tools" however extra generally generally known as "Dremels" (despite the fact that different corporations make them too!) these tools are the DIY equal of die grinders. Die grinders are employed by toolmakers in trade for shaping the dies and moulds utilized in factories for steel processes similar to casting and urgent. With a rotary device you possibly can grind, sand, carve, minimize, slot, router, hole, engrave, sharpen and debur (take away ragged edges from materials).

How it really works:

Rotary tools are like energy drills however extra slender, designed for one hand use. They have an electrical motor which runs at very excessive velocity, as much as 35,000 RPM, and this spins a chuck sort clamp which holds numerous sized collets or sleeves. These sleeves can maintain quite a lot of varieties of equipment.

Here's an inventory of the equipment accessible:

  • Grinding stones can be found in all sizes and styles and can be utilized for common grinding, materials elimination, gap enlarging, sharpening, de-burring, and eradicating sharp edges from steel.
  • Sanding drums, discs, and flapwheels can be utilized for sanding and smoothing wooden, steel, and plastic.
  • Polishing equipment are small buffs which can be utilized with steel polish or sharpening compound for giving a effective polish to steel.
  • Toothed steel reducing disks like miniature round saw disks can be utilized for reducing wooden or plastic.
  • Diamond coated or abrasive cut-off wheels can be found for reducing steel.
  • Soft plastic and wire brushes are one other accent, helpful for cleansing surfaces.
  • High velocity cutters of varied shapes and sizes can be utilized for grinding, carving and hollowing supplies such gentle metals, plastic, and wooden.
  • Tungsten carbide cutters do the identical as commonplace cutters however can be utilized on hardened metal, chrome steel, forged iron, and ceramics.
  • Diamond factors can be utilized for effective element work, reducing, carving, engraving, and ending of glass, ceramic, and different arduous supplies.

You may use a rotary device with small drill bits.

Things to think about:

The equipment for rotary tools are normally not a lot bigger than 1 inch so not like an angle grinder, the device is geared in the direction of small scale work similar to mannequin and jewellery making. However the device can are available in very helpful within the residence workshop the place a bigger device could be too cumbersome.

Oscillating Multi-Tool

A multi device or oscillating device is a comparatively current energy device. The motor drives a head which oscillates or twists backwards and forwards by means of an angle of a few levels (just like the pinnacle on a hair clippers, however rotating). Several varieties of accent may be connected and pushed by the pinnacle. These embody:

  • Toothed blade for reducing wooden, plastics and non-ferrous steel
  • Bi-metal toothed blade for reducing ferrous steel (iron/metal), and timber with embedded nails
  • Scraper blade for eradicating tile cement and mortar on partitions and bricks/blocks
  • Diamond coated blade for reducing tiles and grinding stone
  • Sanding pads for sanding wooden, plastic, eradicating paint and many others

A multi-tool is beneficial for functions the place a jigsaw, handsaw or reciprocating saw cannot be used. The latter have blades which transfer comparatively slowly over a big distance, so the blade can find yourself hitting stuff if there is not clearance. A multi-tool alternatively has a head which strikes very quickly (usually 10,000 oscillations per second) over a small angle. So the accent has a small vary of motion perpendicular to, relatively than in the direction of the workpiece. A typical utility of a multi-tool is to trim the underside of a door jamb in order that tiles or flooring may be slid beneath. The device can trim, however will also be used for plunge reducing, e.g. to chop out holes in plasterboard (hardwall) for becoming socket shops.

Makita TM3010CK Oscillating Multi Tool 320W

Makita TM3010CK Oscillating Multi Tool 320W

Metal Cutoff Saw



What it is for:

A steel cutoff saw is sort of a miter saw however usually used to make 90 diploma and miter cuts in steel bar and hole steel sections.

How it really works:

An abrasive disk just like the sort used on angle grinders however with a diameter of 14 inches performs the reducing motion.

Things to think about:

Although in all probability the least possible energy device for use by the typical DIYer, a cutoff saw, like its timber counterpart, permits correct angled cuts to be made, which is important when developing steel frames, gates, and many others.

Hitachi CC14SF


DeWalt DW088K Line Laser

DeWalt DW088K Line Laser

What it is for:

Cross Line Lasers

Cross line lasers mission horizontal and vertical laser strains producing a cross on the work floor. This is extraordinarily helpful for whenever you want exact proper angles when tiling onto partitions and putting in fixtures resembling kitchen cupboards and cabinets. Cross strains often is the main perform of those lasers, however you may as well flip both the horizontal or vertical strains off independantly – providing you with a single laser line for basic utilization. These lasers are additionally out there with pulse mode which, with use of a detector (see beneath for extra info on them), means you possibly can decide up a stage level when the laser isn’t seen to the human eye. This is designed for whenever you’re working outdoors or in shiny mild.

Typical use of cross line lasers:

  • The format and set up /plumbing techniques.
  • The exact set up of kitchen cupboards, shelving and fixtures.
  • The becoming of tiles onto partitions.
  • The set up of partition partitions and drop ceilings

Rotary Lasers

Rotary lasers produce a 360° laser line over longer distances than different line lasers, making them best for big tasks such because the levelling of entire work websites. A single laser diode spins quickly to create the impression of a continuing line on work surfaces so that you aren’t restricted to a single route at which the laser is pointed – the laser line will seem throughout you. These lasers are typically designed for creating horizontal strains however there are fashions that may additionally work vertically. As with the cross line lasers, utilizing a detector provides added advantages. Not solely are you able to chill out when the laser’s visibility is compromised, however a detector will have the ability to prolong your working vary – making massive tasks straightforward to stage off.

Typical use of rotary lasers:

  • The set up of drop ceilings & partition partitions.
  • The set up and lighting layouts
  • The basic levelling and format of labor websites.
  • The levelling of concrete constructing foundations.

Plane Lasers

These lasers mix the benefits of cross strains and rotary lasers as they mission a everlasting and stable 360° laser line each vertically and horizontally. This comfort is on the expense of its sensible working vary as that is decreased compared to rotary lasers. On the opposite hand, the power of the laser is way clearer in airplane lasers – they're designed to be rather more of an indoor piece of package versus rotating lasers. So for those who solely work over brief distances and don’t need the effort of utilizing a detector, that is the form of laser for you.

Typical use of airplane lasers:

  • The correct set up of constructing framework for dry-walls, cabinets, shelving, and so on.
  • The transference of factors for cable set up and laying out electrical techniques.
  • Laying out for pipe work and ducting.
  • The Installation of window frames.
  • The set up of kitchen cupboards, shelving and fixtures.
  • The becoming and laying out of kitchen and loo tiles on flooring and partitions.

Dot Lasers

These lasers are fairly totally different from the opposite youngsters on the block. They mission an actual dot as a substitute of a full line, providing you with the precise angles between totally different factors. Various dot lasers mission dots at 2 factors for verticals, three factors for verticals plus horizontal or 5 factors for verticals, horizontals and 45° in-between. These are all displayed concurrently so – for instanceyou possibly can have precise angles between a wall, the ground and the ceiling. These machines are additionally known as “Plumb Bob” lasers as they offer plumbers the accuracy they want when putting in piping however many tradesmen have discovered them helpful in lots of functions.

Typical use of dot lasers:

  • The set up of lighting techniques and the levelling sockets.
  • Laying out for pipe work and ducting and the hanging of heating conduit
  • The adjustment of information rails for drop ceilings.
  • Hanging cabinets & hanging cabinets (stage on totally different partitions).
  • The set up of partition partitions or door frames.

Flooring Lasers

Flooring lasers are used to make sure that a ground is totally stage earlier than the set up of flooring. These forms of lasers can spotlight irregularities within the peak of a floor so are an absolute should for surveyors and flooring tradesman. As such, they're typically for inside use.

Typical use of flooring lasers:

  • The set up of under-floor heating.
  • Checking a ground is stage earlier than laying wooden floors or tiles
  • To decide if an uneven ground could also be inflicting issues.

Layout Line Lasers

Layout line lasers are the proper tools for all of the tilers on the market as they throw laser strains onto flooring and partitions at 90° and generally 45°. Like flooring lasers, they're typically used inside however could be helpful when laying paving outdoors to make sure the angles are appropriate and aesthetically pleasing.

Typical use of format line lasers:

  • Alignment of wall or ground tile.
  • The laying cables on the ground.
  • Pipe work format

Laser Detectors

As beforehand talked about, the visibility of most lasers is considerably lowered when working outdoor or in vibrant circumstances. Certain lasers can counteract this drawback through the use of a pulse mode which laser detectors are capable of choose up over massive distances. In truth, the workable distance of the laser might be elevated to triple in some circumstances. It’s nicely value making an allowance for that solely sure lasers will settle for detectors so make sure to test the specification of detectors and lasers to make sure you’re not disillusioned!

110 or 240 Volts?

The voltage provide differs from nation to nation. It can both be nominally 120 volts or 240 volts (with a 10 % variation). In the U.S. each voltages can be found, 240 getting used for increased powered home equipment. In some nations nevertheless, the provision voltage is 230 to 240 volts, so 120 volts tools can be found which reduce the chance of electrocution within the occasion of shock. These are necessary on building websites however will also be used within the residence. They can both be powered by a generator with a 120 volt output, or alternatively transformers can be found to step down the voltage from 240 to 120 volts. These step down transformers additionally isolate the 120 volt provide from the mains. This reduces the chance of shock if for example contact is made with a broken energy twine.

Buying Power Tools

If you're going to be giving a device lots of use, it is smart to purchase knowledgeable mannequin. It will last more since it is going to normally be constructed extra sturdily and the interior parts can be extra heavy obligation and sturdy. Motor windings are usually wound utilizing heavier gage wire, and armatures are sometimes coated to forestall particles getting sucked into the motor and abrading the winding insulation. Also elements can be simpler to supply. If a device is simply going to get occasional use, a DIY mannequin must be effective. Most if not all the tools described above can be found in cordless variations.

What to Look for in a Tool

Recommended Basic Specs.  
Cordless drill
Combi with hammer motion, 18 volt, 10 mm chuck
Corded drill
650 watt, keyed 13 mm chuck
600 watt, variable velocity on set off
Belt sander
600 watt, 75 mm vast belt
Angle grinder
650 watt, variable velocity if potential
Miter saw
254 mm blade, sliding compound
Circular saw
1300 watt
Reciprocating saw
800 watt, variable velocity


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For more information regarding any tool(s) fill the form below:

Shipping & Return

  • 100% DELIVERY

We don’t want our customers waiting for their orders.

All orders will be delivered between 1 - 3 Days service (24  to 72 hours) for FREE of Charge (UK mainland) using a Premium Carriers(Parcelforce,DPD,Uk Mail etc).After the clear order and payment received you will be notify with a confirmation for your order status.A carrier name and a Consignment number will be sent with a maximum few hours window.The customer(s) will be able to track the parcel(s) at any time from their(s) account(s) with Power Tool Store via  “My account“.We work hard for all customers to receive the order(s) as soon as possible and also to pay a Right price for their purchases.
The International Shipping cost is calculated at Checkout if the option is selected.

All orders under 2kg are sent via Royal Mail 1st/2nd Class - please allow between 2 to 4 working days for delivery.

For delivery cost to other areas(countries) please see the prices at Checkout (Calculate Shipping) or Contact us.

  • 100% RETURN

If you change your mind within 30 days of your purchase, there is not a problem at all. Contact us at: +44 | 02035799696  |  07455973898 or email us at: click here
We’ll give you more informations for your return or we will arrange a collection.

Once the tool(s) is received back we will refund within 24 to 48 hours the full amount paid. If the tool(s) is faulty within 30 days of your purchase,we’ll arrange a FREE collection and supply a replacement or a FULL refund within 48 hours.If the tool is faulty after 30 days of your purchase we’ll try to do the best and also we’ll guide you through the manufacturer’s guaranty process.For customers wishing to return an item on theirs own, we recommend Parcelforce who provide a good service.For International orders the customers need to return the item(s0 on their own and we’ll refund the amount paid for the postage(***just for the item(s) which are failed(s) or has other issues caused by carrier or wrong item received).Please ensure that a copy of your invoice is enclosed with the return.
Return all items to the following address:

Top Building Development Ltd

  • Power Tool Store
  • 203 Celestial House
  • 153 Cordelia Street
  • E14 6GH
  • United Kingdom
  • Company number 08226259
  • VAT GB 202725935

Help Advice:

What can I return?
-You may return most new, unopened items sold and fulfilled by Power Tool Store within 30 days of delivery for a full refund.
When will I get my refund?
-Usually within 24 to 48 hours of returning your order. After we receive and process your return, usually it may take 24 hours for your refund to display on your payment card statement.
Does Power Tool Store replacements or exchanges?
-Yes, we do. If you received a damaged or defective item, we’ll send you a replacement of the same item. If you’d like to exchange an item for something else, you can exchange for a different size or colour or for an item in your Basket, just contact us
Cancelling orders?
-Please contact Customer Services as soon as possible to check the status of your order. If the order has already been dispatched, we cannot cancel it and you will need to either reject the goods or return them. The return costs can be reimbursed if required and if authorised by a member of our team, but please make sure you can provide a copy of your postage receipt.
Stock issues?
-Unfortunately due to situations beyond our control, stock issues can sometimes occur that result in an order being placed for a product which we do not have sufficient stock of. On other occasions, QA will not permit an item to go out if it is damaged during handling.
-When this occurs we will offer you a choice between a full refund or a time frame within which we can back-order and deliver what you have ordered.
Complaints, getting in touch, help and advice?
-If something has gone wrong and there’s a problem, please give us a call, our customer service assistants are keen to resolve your issues.Something has gone wrong, there’s a problem. Please give us a call, our customer service assistants are keen to resolve your issues.
-If you live outside the United Kingdom we will communicate with you primarily over email or chat.
-If you encounter a problem with our customer services we want to know about it, and we want to fix it:Make a claim!


Each tool has a Warranty. To benefit the manufacturer Warranty, any product purchased from Power Tool Store must be registered online on the brand company’s website.

Hand Tools & Accessories Guarantee

Hand tools & Accessories are guaranteed forever. This simply means all hand tools are guaranteed to be free of defects caused by faulty materials or workmanship from now until the end of time. Naturally, fair wear and tear is not covered so don’t expect blades to stay sharp forever.

Power Tools Guarantee

Providing the product is used correctly, Manufacturer guarantees the performance of electrical and petrol products against failure in materials and workmanship for a period of 1 to 3 years.

Remember to register your product to extend your 30 days guarantee.

Payment & Security

Safe and Secure Shopping Guaranteed – here at Power Tool Store we’re committed to ensuring your personal information is secure,  we use the web’s leading, most secure, online ordering system to protect your payments and personal information.

Payment Methods  - We accept all major debit cards via Paypal. All online payments are taken through our PayPal payment service which offer buyer protection on all transactions.

Shop safely and in confidence with Power Tool Store

 Power Tool Store

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