POINTS-Reward Customers

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POINTS-Reward Customers

How much are the Points worth?

 Points  =  £
 Points  =  £

The Points are exclusive to Power Tool Store and you can use them to Spend on goods from us in the future.

Every time you Register, Review or Purchase Online one of our products in Power Tool Store you will Earn Points. We will automatically add these to your own account and you can log in anytime to see your balance.

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What are the Points?

The Points are a loyalty scheme designed for the Power Tool Store which allows our customers to Earn points on our website whenever they register, write a review or make a purchase to then redeem against future purchases.

How can I earn Points?

Register, write a review or make a purchase with the Power Tool Store you will earn Points.

How do I sign up for Points?

Simply create an account with the Power Tool Store and you are then ready to collect and spend Points.

How do I check how many Points I have?

You can view your Points balance by simply logging into your account.

How do I spend my Points?

The users enter how many Points they wish to redeem during cart/checkout. We will then deduct the relevant amount from your account.

Can I use Points alongside another method of payment?

If you do not have enough Points to cover the full balance, any outstanding payment can then be paid using your preferred payment method.

Can I spend my Points straight away?

The Points you earn on each order will be activated straight away.

I need to return an order, what will happen to my Points?

In the event that you no longer require your order, once it is returned to us any Points earned on that order will be deducted from your account.

I have cancelled my order, what will happen to my Points?

Any Points earned on an order that is then cancelled, will be deducted from your account.

I’m having problems paying with my Points, can someone help me?

When the Points expire? 

Points expire after 100 days from grant if they were not used.

Are the products bought through the advertising program accumulating points?

No, The products bought through the advertising program do not accumulate points.

Discount Coupons Available:

Available Coupon: TBDLTD2%OFF
Percentage discount 2%-Minimum order £200-Expiring date June 30, 2017

Available Coupon: TBDLTD3%OFF
Percentage discount 3%-Minimum order £300-Expiring date June 30, 2017

Available Coupon: TBDLTD4%OFF
Percentage discount 4%-Minimum order £500-Expiring date June 30, 2017

***All discount coupons are available under Power Tool Store Terms&Conditions rules.

Points-Reward Customers